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Jet U's Rating is now an "F" again.

05/21/09 The Better Business Bureau is just not that accurate these days.  Despite the complaints that had been filed by students against Jet University, the BBB had a "B-" rating for Jet University on the day that they closed on May 08, 2009. 

In fact the "B-" rating stayed on the Jet University file until May 21 when it was changed to an "F".

Several students had complained that the BBB lost the complaints and the BBB really did noting to determine if the complaints were genuine or not. 




FAQ on Better Business Bureau rating

We are getting some questions of the Better Business Bureau rating. 

Because Jet University promised to refund (in full) students for money they have paid, but not received services--the Better Business Bureau raised the rating for Jet University, Inc from an F to a C-. 

They did this on 12/29/08.  Keep in mind that the BBB did this because Jet University, Inc promised to refund

This does not mean that Jet University, Inc has actually refunded any money.  So far we have not heard of any student that has received a full refund.  But we are hopeful that all students, that are due refunds, or flight time, will  get their refund, or flight time, soon.

The BBB rating will change as events happen.  We actually would like to see an A rating.  That is what is should be if Jet University would do the right thing.
Jet University, Inc  had an F rating during Christmas week.  The week following Christmas they had a C- rating.  Last week the rating for Jet University, Inc was removed completely and replaced with a rating for Jet University which shows a B. 
A rating for Jet University, Inc is not the same as a rating for Jet University.  One rating is for a corporation and the other is for something that is not a corporation.


BBB removes Jet University, Inc rating

January 09, 2009 In a stunning move, the BBB has now removed the whole file for Jet University, Inc from their records. 

There is another file up, but it is not for Jet University, Inc.  Maybe Jet University, Inc is changing their name?  Maybe the BBB lost the file?  Maybe Jet U is going to pay money and join the BBB?  Stay tuned and see how this plays out.

Jet University, Inc has promised the BBB that they would  make a full refund as the consumer requested.  If you haven't sent your request for a refund into the Better Business Bureau yet, now is the time to file that BBB complaint if you are due a refund.  It may be your best chance.

We know of students have have been promised refunds, but have not received them.  If you have actually received a full refund from Jet University, Inc, please do let us know at:


BBB now raises Jet University rating to a C-

On December 29, 2008, Jet University finally got around to communicating with the BBB and the BBB raised the Jet U rating to a C- after having an F for the past week.  While we will never know the reason that Jet U decided to try to fix the F rating, one might suspect that this website might have had something to do with it. 

The Better Business Bureau has now given Jet University their, "F" rating

Week of 12/22/08.  The BBB has lowered Jet U's rating from a C- to an F. 

The Better Business Bureau has now rated Jet University as an "F".    The BBB says, "We strongly question the company's reliability for reasons such as that they have failed to respond to complaints, their advertising is grossly misleading, they are not in compliance with the law's licensing or registration requirements, their complaints contain especially serious allegations, or the company's industry is known for its fraudulent business practices.

If you have not filed your own BBB complaint against Jet University yet, then you still have time to do so. 

If you have been charged extra money that you do not owe, charged for excess fuel surcharges, attempted to be charged extra money that you do not owe, not gotten the flight time you were promised in your written contract, not gotten the FO job you were promised in your written contract,  not gotten the 250 multi hours you were promised in your written contract or if you did not get the FO job, then you should let the BBB know by filing a complaint.