Jet University Flight School Information

The Official Publication of the Jet University Student Alumni Association


Our mission is to help clean up the flight school industry. 

We will not allow this issue to be swept under the rug like it has been for decades. Communication is the key.  The internet is a powerful communications tool. 

We're going to inform students what to look for in a flight school.

We're going to tell students not to pay more than $2500 in advance to any flight school no matter how good they make it sound. 

We're going to expose the bad guys and what they are doing in this industry.  They can no longer hide.  

We're going to encourage students having problems with their flight schools to come to us for help.  We have a whole team of volunteers that want to help. 

This will allow the good flight schools to stay in business and not have to compete against the con men that will tell you whatever you want to hear so they can take your money from you. 


The Jet University Scam is not the first time flight school students have lost their money in the state of Florida.  

The flight school scam has been going on, in Florida, for decades.  The state of Florida DOES NOT REGULATE flight schools.  In fact the state of Florida EXEMPTS flight school from regulation.

It's very easy for a Florida flight school to collect tens of thousands of dollars in advance and then not furnish the training and/or go out of business.  You will not get a refund. 

The police, the Florida Attorney General, the FAA and the FBI will not be able to do anything for you.  The bad guys will get away with your money.  The bad guys have always gotten away in each and every flight school rip off in the state of Florida.

There has never been a flight school, or flight school owner, employee or executive,  prosecuted for this type of rip off in the state of Florida.  It is just like the wild wild west. Many of these rip offs are into the millions of dollars.

Flight school students have lost over 100 million dollars in the state of Florida over the past 7 years because Florida flight schools have ripped them off.  The bad guys have always gotten away with it and continue to do so. 

Help us get the word out about this incredible rip off.  

Never pay more than $2500 in advance for any flight training no matter how good them make it sound.  ALWAYS work on a pay as you go basis and pay after each flight.  That is the way it has worked at most flight schools in this country for over 50 years.  



We have a number of jet university students that are stranded without money and without jobs.  We have one Jet University student living in his car.

There are 126 Jet University  students affected in various stages by this disaster.  Some have just started their training.  Some are in the middle of training.  Some are almost finished.  Some have finished and have not gotten the guaranteed jobs they were promised.  The last Jet University student hired by Pinnacle was in April of 2008.

If you have extra resources and can help out, here is what the students could use;

1.  Accommodations for up to 30 students in the Fort Lauderdale area.  (DONE--thanks for your help!)

2.  Any sort of training equipment, facilities or staff that could help in the process to get students finished up.

3.  Airline tickets, (buddy passes, etc) for our international students to return home.  Most of our international students are from India. (DONE-thanks for your help!)

4.  Jobs!  We have many commercial rated pilots looking for work. 

5.  Anything that would help keep our students current. Maybe you have a plane and you just don't like to fly by yourself.  We have FAA rated commercial pilots that will fly with you, at no charge, just to remain current and proficient. 

If you have the ability to help one or more students, please write us at: and we will match up a student to you.