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There is no CAPTAIN Heath Cohen


There is a sign on Heath Cohen's desk.  It says, "CAPTAIN HEATH COHEN". 

Sometimes things are not as they apppear.  Especially when you mention Heath!

You should not be surprised to find that Heath Brandon Cohen has never been a captain.

Heath attended Gulfstream Academy in 1998 and 1999.  He actually went through the Gulfstream course!  He lived in Dorm Room #1 in the current Jet University building.  On June 7, 1999, Heath passed his final checkride and was then eligible to fly 250 hours on a Beach 1900 as a First Officer.

After he had flown the 250 multi engine hours, Heath was then hired as a First Officer with Gulfstream Airlines.  He flew enough hours so that he was eligible to upgrade to a Captain on the Beach 1900.  Everything was going great up until this time. 

Then disaster struck...............

Heath Cohen failed and could not pass his airline upgrade to Captain at Gulfstream Airlines.  He was stuck as a First Officer. 

Determined to succeed as a Captain, Heath sent out his resume.  His resume caught the attention of COMAIR airlines in Cincinnati, Ohio and Heath was hired as a First Officer flying a CRJ-200. 

Then disaster struck again..............

Heath busted out of the simulator training at COMAIR and was asked to leave. 

So Heath came back to Gulfstream and was put in the marketing department of Gulfstream Flight Training Academy when he excelled in sales and marketing. He helped sign up hundreds of students for the Gulfstream program.  Heath was not a Captain, but Heath had found his calling!  He was a great salesman.

That would normally be the end of the story.  But as you might imagine it is not.

Fast Forward to 2005.  There was a blow up with Heath and the owner of Gulfstream Academy.  We'll never know the details, but the end result was that Heath Cohen was out of Gulfstream Academy.  He took some employees with him in the departure.

Heath then decided to establish Jet University.  He was in the right place at the right time.  He had learned the flight school business.  He knew the ins and out.  He knew how to sell.  He also had a customer list to call prospective students and sign them up for Jet University.  He rented a small space at KFXE.  He originally had a "deal" with Custom Air Transport in Miami for the students to fly as a Flight Engineer (250 hours) and First Officer (250 hours) on a Boeing 727-200F.

Here is how the deal with Custom Air Transport worked according to a pilot that checked them out in 2006 and posted his findings on Airline Pilot Central Forums:

"I called and spoke with a guy named Bob. Nice guy and "seemed" very straight foward and honest. Here ya go:
I only inquired about the FO program.
$33,000 = 500TT (250 FE then 250 FO) flying 727's for Custom Air Transport. Must go to Miami area for 2 months for training (he said "in a beautiful building with 18 full motion sims"). After training you get to go back home and they give you positive space tickets on airlines to go fly all over the country including the foriegn countries listed in the thread starter quote above. Work for CAT lasts about 10 months including the 2 months of training. You make 30/hour..per diem with CAT who has an overflow contract with UPS. So you make 18k of your 33k back. He said the program has been around for 6 years but has not been advertised. Something called Sim Center that trained pilots for CAT were the folks doing this for pretty much the same price I guess. He stated that in the past if someone were hired to stay on with CAT permanently they make 45/hr as F/O. For financing he only mentioned Wachovia. Also, he was very straight foward about himself and 2 or 3 others leaving Gulfstream (Which he referred to as "another pay for training program") to start this program."

At some point after this program began, Custom Air Transport went out of business and Heath was stuck without a training program. 

Heath then ran into an old friend (we are protecting his identity) that helped Heath make the deal with Pinnacle for the first officer program.  This was the start of the "guaranteed job" program at Jet University. This "guaranteed job" program would continue through July of 2008 when it was discontinued because students were not getting those "guaranteed jobs".  However, even though it was discontinued, it was still promoted on the Jet University website, in one form or another, until April 2009.  "Become an airline pilot right away" was on the Jet University website until the first week of April, 2009.

To the best of our knowledge, approximently 180 students were sold a "guaranteed job" program at Jet University.  Fifty four (54) Jet University students were hired by Pinnacle Airlines.  That means 126 students were not hired. 

This leaves a very important question that needs to be answered.

Why would, Heath Cohen, a man who has failed two airline training upgrades, and has first hand knowledge of how tough the airline training can be, start a flight school and guarantee every student, that signs up, a job flying jets for an airline?

There is no way that every student could have been hired, yet Heath continued to promote and advertise the job guarantee.  He even told Auto Pilot magazine in their April 2007 issue that 100 percent of the Jet University students had been hired as regional jet First Officers and 100 percent of those hired having successfully completed training.   

And Heath, this is a note to you.  We know your read almost every day. 

You have no right to run a flight school and you have no right to determine the number of hours in takes a pilot to become proficient with their skills because it appears that you never became proficent enough to actually become an airline captain. 

The fact is that you never became proficient enough to become a first officer on a regional jet.  Yet you sell that exact program to the Jet University students and "Guarantee" a job while you collect tens of thousands of dollars.

It now makes perfect sense why you could not figure out how to put an efficient flight school program together. You couldn't pass the airline training programs and you couldn't be a captain.

Your whole program was based on fraud from the very beginning. You have taken down your friends.  You broke the law.  You broke FAA regulations. You have lawsuits filed against you and your friends because of your delusional actions.  You have goverment investigatons digging deep into Jet University business.  You have taken down your employees, vendors and students.  You now have another investor that you have brought in and you'll probably take him down as well just like you did to others before him.