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The Civil Air Patrol

Several Jet University students have joined the Civil Air Patrol while waiting to get their guaranteed job from Jet University.  Pinnacle has not hired a Jet University student since April 2008. 

You can stay current for little or no $$$.  You provide a valuable service to our country and you will make valuable contacts that share your passion for aviation.  You'll also get to do a lot of neat and interesting things while you help others. 

One Jet University student (Victor) actually got a banner towing job from a contact he met at his Civil Air Patrol meeting.

As a FAA licensed commercial pilot you will receive an immediate promotion shortly after you join.  You are also able to take courses through the Civil Air Patrol and the Air Force University at little or no cost. 

The Civil Air Patrol flys mostly Cessna 172 and 182's.  The newer planes have G1000 cockpits.  You will have a real advantage here since you have G1000 experience.

The way you join the Civil Air Patrol is to visit a local squadron and attend three meetings.  Once you have attended three meetings, and get the hang of things, then you are eligible to join.

The Civil Air Patrol saved 91 lives in 2008.  You will search for downed planes.  You'll respond to ELT alerts.  When an ELT is activated, it is the Civil Air Patrol that has to find that ELT.

There are three types of squadrons.

1. Cadet Squadrons for those 13-20 years of age. (You can join up to age 18) Cadet Squadrons meet once a week and do a lot of marching and running.

2. Senior Squadrons for those 21 and over. Senior Squardons meet 2 times a month and don't march or run!  These are the squadrons that actually fly the airplanes on missions and cadet orientation flights.

3. Composite Squadrons have both cadets and senior members.

You can find a local Civil Air Patrol unit near you by going here:


Dues are about $100 a year. 

Here is a video that the Marco Island squadron made.  Keep in mind this video shows both cadet and senior activities.  If you join you will be on the senior activity side: