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Why didn't you check this place out before you plunked down $70,000?


That is a fair question and one that many folks not involved with Jet University have asked the students.

The answer is that we did check out Jet University.

We checked out Jet University with the Better Business Bureau.  There were no complaints at that time.

We checked out Jet University with Pinnacle Airlines.  We were assured that the Jet University Bridge Program was legitimate and that Pinnacle was hiring students from Jet University.  Here is a listing from Pinnacle Airlines talking about Jet University and other flight schools as legitimate flight schools:



Here is what Pinnacle said about Jet University on their web page:

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 Applicants Also Note: You may want to consider jumpstarting your aviation career with a program designed for Pinnacle Airlines within the Jet University First Officer ProgramThere is no faster, more efficient or cost effective way to launch your professional airline career. Please visit Jet University’s web page for more details.




We also checked out Jet University with students that had gone there or were going there.  There was absolutely nothing negative that showed up.  The students told us that the training was good and the students were getting hired.

We checked the internet for something negative from students that had actually attended Jet University.  There was nothing negative from students that had actually attended Jet University.

Yes there were negative comments from people that had never gone to Jet University, but in life there are negative comments from people on just about everything.  The comments that were negative were very general and gave no specifics. 

There was not a student website like that specifically detailed any of these issues.  Now there is.

The only reason that the students came to Jet University was because of the Job Guarantee.  It's in the videos.  It's in the e-mails.  It's in the contract. It was all over the place. No one else guaranteed a job.  That was the deciding factor for the students. 

It made sense.  Take out this Wachovia loan.  Train to be a pilot at Jet University.  Get a Guaranteed Job as a Pilot.  Pay the loan back.

Of course now we know that no one else guarantees a job because it is illegal under Florida law. 

We also now know that there were problems at Jet University as early as 2006.  If those students had reported those problems to the Better Business Bureau or set up a website such at then we would have known to stay clear of Jet University.  Unfortunately no one thought it was important at the time.

Although this same story (flight schools going out of business) has been repeated over and over in Florida for the past 30 years, the State of Florida has maintained a "hands off" approach to regulating these businesses.