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"If you would take my name off of your website--then I could find a job."

Spoken by Heath Cohen at his 314 Bankruptcy Meeting of Creditors

"I Treated You Better Than I Treated Anyone Else At This School"

Spoken by Heath Cohen to many students.

"Holy Bananas"

Famous Erwin phrase when things starting going wrong.

"Flight schools go out of business all the time.  It's no big deal"

This was said by Jet U management to reassure employees that nothing illegal was going on and nothing bad could happen should Jet U close.

"That website is bullshit"

Spoken by a Jet U employee about while trying to brown nose Heath Cohen.

"We sent 150 students to Pinnacle for interviews.  They hired all but one student."

Heath Cohen said this in front of all the Jet University students at a class meeting.  At the time he said it we believed him.  Now we know it was not even close to the truth.

"Let them put up a website.  Nobody will see it.  It's not even in google"

This was spoken by a senior Jet U manager after he heard about

"You can be a check airman at Pinnacle"

Spoken many times by the sales department after hearing it from Heath Cohen.  Where were all of the current Pinnacle check airman going to go after the Jet University students took their jobs?


This was spoken many times by one of the more colorful instructors in the Jet Program

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