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There was a flight school in Merced, California that took over $2 millon dollars from students and did not provide the contracted training.

The FBI was called in by the Merced County district attorney.  Here is the link to the newpaper article:

FBI asked to help in Merced flight school probe

The Merced school (American School of Aviation) specialized in training Indian students.   Sound familiar?

While we don't know the exact dollar amount collected from students by the Jet University pilot recruiting department and the dorm rental department, we believe the amount exceeds 15 million dollars. 

So here is the 15 million dollar question: 

If the FBI came in on a $2 million dollar flight school issue in Merced, California; is it possible they will come in on a 15 million dollar issue by Jet University, Inc flight school, in Florida that did not deliver the promised training or guaranteed jobs.

Enquiring minds want to know.

Oh and by the way, the Merced flight school started adding fuel surcharges before they closed........