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The reason students signed up with Jet University is because students are guaranteed a job upon completion of the program. 

Jet University tells you this in their videos (See Home Page and Videos-Guaranteed Jobs Page),  Jet University tells you this in their e-mails and sales documents (SEE DOCUMENTS-NO MATTER WHAT PAGE)

Jet University tells you this in person when they are selling you.  Jet University tells you this in the contract.

At the present time there are over 200 students that have not been able to get their "guaranteed job."  Fifty four students have been hired. At least a dozen of those hired did not continue employment.  At least 12 other pilots flunked out of the initial Pinnacle training and never were able to complete their Pinnacle checkride.  This was never disclosed to any Jet University Student. Only two (of the 54) students hired were ZERO time pilots.  The other 52 came to Jet University with their ratings. The last Jet University student was hired in April 2008. 

By the way, Jet University tries to get students to flunk out or discontinue their training so that they can keep the tuition money and not be responsible for the job guarantee.  This practice was going on as early as May 2006 when Jet University first started.

When Pinnacle was actually hiring Jet University students, they were hiring about 80% of the students interviewed.  So 20% of the Jet University students, that completed the program, were not hired even when things were booming at Jet University.

Of the 80% that were hired, 20% of those hired flunked out of the airline training program when they got to Pinnacle and were not able to become First Officers flying the CRJ. 

If you do the math, you will find that even when things were booming at JET UNIVERSITY, only 64% of the Jet University students that completed the program and entered the Pinnacle Airlines training program actually were able to complete the program and were hired at CRJ first officers.  YET JET UNIVERSITY CONTINUED TO GUARANTEE 100% OF THE STUDENTS THAT THEY WOULD BE HIRED TO FLY CRJ'S. 

In the best of circumstances, 36% of Jet University graduates were not successfully hired as airline pilots.

The first known Jet University student that flunked out of Pinnacle training was in March 2007.  Two more flunked out of Pinnacle in May 2007.  Heath Cohen knew about this failures but he continued to guarantee CRJ-200 first officer jobs to everyone that walked through the door and signed up for the Jet University program.  

These employment figures could not have been a surprise to the President of Jet University, Heath Cohen.  Heath himself had fluked out of two airline training programs prior to starting Jet University.  (SEE CAPTAIN HEATH COHEN PAGE)

Yet, Heath continued to tell the students and prospective students that 100% of the Jet U Graduates had been hired in order to induce those students to sign up for classes at Jet University.


It is actually against Florida law for Jet University to guarantee you a job.  That is covered is section 1005.04 (c) of the Fair Consumer practices act which says:



(c)  Inform each student accurately about financial assistance and obligations for repayment of loans; describe any employment placement services provided and the limitations thereof; and refrain from promising or implying guaranteed placement, market availability, or salary amounts; 

(You can read the entire Fair Consumer Practices section in the REGULATION SECTION of our website)


The guarantee is covered in Section 4 of the ADMINISTRATION POLICIES AND PROCEDURES  on page five of the JETU contract.

It says:

"Candidates who successfully compete the Fast Track CRJ200 Training Program receive a guarantee of employment as a regional jet first officer or they will be offered additional training or flight experience. " 

They then will run you through the Jet Training again and see if you can get hired.  Of course since no one is hiring First Officers right now, then the next clause kicks in:

"If the Candidate again fails to be hired as a first officer the Candidate may then request that Jet University at its own expense pay for the Candidate to fly in a turbine/turboprop aircraft for not less than two hundred and fifty hours of logged flight time."

So far NO ONE had gotten that two hundred and fifty hours of flight time.  There at least 30 pilots that are entitled to it right now.  

My best guess is that they were going to send these pilots over the Gulfstream, but since Heath had a little disagreement with Gulfstream, and then sued them, then any relationship  with Gulfstream is probably gone.  You can read about Heath's lawsuit by clicking the link below:


What is very interesting when you read this legal document on page 6, line 4 you will see a familiar name.  The familiar name is Mark Ottosen.  That is the same Mark Ottosen listed on the Employee page on this website.