Jet University Flight School Information

The Official Publication of the Jet University Student Alumni Association


The following are eligible (and highly encouraged) to join the Jet University Alumni Association. 


1.  All former students that signed up or attended Jet University in Ft Lauderdale, FL.

2.  Employees of Jet University

3.  All former students of Aussie Air flight School in Daytona Beach and Ft Lauderdale, Fl.

4.  All former students of Silver State Helicopters at any location.

5.  Students from other flight schools that have been invited.


At the present time we have three main mandates:

1.  We help manage the legal cases for the students of Jet University in regards to the school and the principals of the school.

2.  We identify states that should be regulating flight schools.  We work with those states to help put proper regulation in place to include protection of the student tution.

3.  Jet University students help other Jet University students to complete their ratings and move their careers forward.  Our goal is to help every Jet University student that wants to fly an airplane as a career get into the cockpit.


At the present time, there are not any dues.  We have been able to staff the association with student volunteers thus far. 

We have not yet held a school wide meeting or reunion.  However we do hope that a reunion will happen in the near future.

We have asked some students to participate in meetings with the bank as well as testify before state regulators.  We try to have students that are in the area of concern participate in those meetings.  If you have travel privileges and can donate a day or two to our cause, when needed, we would appreciate your help.


This far our attorneys have been helping us as absolutely no charge and we do appreciate that help that has been in place since November of 2008.

As we move though the legal process and require attorneys to make court appearances, there will be limited attorney fees if you want our attorney to represent you along with us.  The agreement for representation is signed directly with the law firm and fees are paid directly to the firm.

We have two attorney requirements.  One of the attorneys will need to represent us in Bankruptcy Court.  The other will represent us in civil court. 

What are the benefits to joining the Jet University Alumni Association?

When you join the Alumni Association you are creating your life long networking opportunity in this industry.  We have over 220 students that will be employed throughout the aviation industry over the next four decades.  Your are forever joined together at Jet University students. 

This is a place you can come to for help and advice from other students.  In addition we have established connections with attorneys, the FAA, the banks and state regulators.  These connections can be beneficial to you.

We are able to all come together to pursue our legal options.  This means that our legal costs are affordable because we are paying as a group rather than as an individual.  The legal actions we are taking would not be affordable as an individual student.

We are also able to verify your attendance at Jet University.  This can be important to you as you apply for jobs in this industry. 

In addition we have a really great car rental discount with Avis Rent A Car posted on the student discount page.

How to Join?

Please send a note to: and include the following information:

1.  Your full name.

2.  Your correct mailing address.

3.  Your correct e-mail address.

4.  Your phone number(s).  Please list the best time to call you to verify the information.

5.  The dates you attended Jet University.