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Jet U now recruits Indian students. Jet University is not a Part 141 School.  They use Airborne Systems FAA part 141 license because Jet University does not meet the requirements for a part 141 certificate.  Why would you ever come to a school that is not part 141 certified?  As you know it is required if you  are an International student.

Before you give Jet University any money, please talk to Indian students that have attended Jet University.  Make sure you get the whole story.  Ask them if they would go back to Jet University.

Since Jet U took their link down for this information, you can see their sales sheet here:

If you look at this closely you will see that JETU has set a "trap" for Indian students.  They put in the minimum hours.  This is not a new trick in the industry,  but it is a new trick for JETU.   We know that most pilots can not get their ratings in the minimum required FAA hours.  In fact I have only ever met one person that did. 

So what is going to happen is that after JetU gets the Indian students money and they are part way through their training, the student will get a letter or e-mail from Barbara or Lorelei telling them they are out of money and on the no fly list.  Now you have an Indian student stuck in a foreign country thousands of miles from home.  The Indians will be "easy pickins" for Jet U.  What can the Indian student possibly do?

Keep in mind also that JETU states the following: 

"Our FAA approved Part 141 and Part 61 Commercial Pilot Training Course can be combined with our Jet Transition and Airbus 320/Boeing 737 Part 142 Type Rating Programs"

There are several problems with the foregoing statement.

1.  JetU is not FAA approved under Part 141.

2.  JetU does not have an Airbus 320 or Boeing 737 training program or simulator.

3.  Jet U does not do Part 142 Training.

How can this be?  Here are some possibilities:

1.  They will find some reason to put the Indian Student on the no fly list prior to Airbus or Boeing 737 training.

2.  Jet University will "act" like they send the students to another Part 141 school to train.  Maybe the Sim Center?  Or Airborne systems? (Read the Bank Fraud Section). See also the "DOCUMENTS" section.

If that is what is happening then the students should not come to JETU--they should go directly to the 141 school.  That is the only way they will have any protection.

Airborne Systems is where Jet U acts like they send Indian Students.  They really don't go to Airborne systems.  They just act like they do because international students can only be trained by a Part 141 school. 

Again, the student should go directly to Airborne Systems and not come to Jet U for training that JetU does not provide. Airborne is actually a licensed (by the FAA)  part 141  flying school.

3.  Jet U plans to get a part 141 rating and and an Airbus 320 and Boeing 737 simulator?