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Jet University Is Out Of Business


Jet University has shut their doors and has gone out of business.  This is unfortunate for those of us that invested our time and money to enter a career as a commercial airline pilot.  But is is fortunate for others that will never have to endure the fraud and deception that the Jet University students had to deal with.

In the end, broken promises and broken dreams sunk Jet University.  The broken promises and broken dreams were there the whole time--we just never saw them.  Heath Cohen did a great job masking the problems at Jet University.  Heath is a true master of deceit.

Heath Brandon Cohen created a flight school that was built on fraud from the very beginning.  The fraud was intentional and carefully calculated.  It was only a matter of time before this intentional deception and fraud would have sunk Jet University.  

Some have called Heath Cohen the Bernie Madoff of the flight school business.  Currently Bernie Madoff is in jail.  Maybe Heath Cohen will be joining him in the future. 

We must not be bitter about out experience at Jet University.  We must move on.  Your dream is still there and you MUST finish out that dream.

Many people have helped with this website over the past year.  People including students, Jet University employees and instructors.  We even had total strangers help us because they care about aviation.  Those people helped by providing information and history about Jet University and Mr. Cohen. 

They provided SEO so that we would show up on the first page of google.  They helped by making phone calls.  They helped by gathering e-mail addresses.   They helped with their contributions.  They helped because it was the right thing to do.   Not one person charged us for anything that they did.