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12/08/09.  The student negotiating committee met with Wachovia Bank today.  All Jet University students should log into the private discussion area for the legal updates.

You have probably been damaged.

Read the page below and it will help you determine your damages and answer some of your questions.  Then send us an e-mail at: and let us know about it.  Please include your contact information.  This information will be shared with our attorneys.  If you want to participate in this legal action then please indicate so in your e-mail.

We are starting to see some of the same stories over and over again.  Be sure to get your information in if you want to participate. 


Has a lawsuit been filed yet?

A lawsuit has not yet been filed.  Investigators have gathered the information together from the Jet University students and employees.  After this information has been analyzed and studied, the attorneys will advise us on what course of action to take.  We seem to learn something new every week.

Why haven't you filed suit yet?

We were hoping that Jet University management would come to their senses and do the right thing.  We were hoping that a lawsuit would not be necessary.

Who are the attorneys?

We have a firm in South Florida that will handle the State and Federal issues.  This will include contract and consumer protection issues.

We have a firm in California that will handle the Wachovia loan issues.

Both firms are highly experienced in dealing with fraud, bankruptcy, consumer and contract issues as well as the other types of issues we are dealing with at Jet University, Inc.  At this time, we are not going to publish the names of the attorneys or their firms until all of the students participating have the legal information.  Both firms were brought to us by Jet University students.

Who will pay for the attorneys

As you are probably aware, hiring attorneys is very expensive.  It is estimated that if we all hired individual attorneys each student would spend $10,000-$25,000 by the time it is all said and done.  Obviously most students just don't have this kind of money available.

If we are able to get over 50% participation in this case, then it is estimated that we would each spend between $1000 and $2000 each. 


Will we win?

Our attorneys have looked at the Jet University contracts and feel pretty confident that we will win this case.  However nothing is guaranteed in the legal system.

It is possible for us to win a judgment, but not be able to collect that judgment because there are no assets. 

Will this lawsuit hurt my chances of being hired by Pinnacle or any other airline?

We have had many people look at our situation and where we are.  These people range from FAA employees, to bank employees, to airline employees, to attorneys, to other flight schools.  All of these people have indicated that we are doing the right thing by getting this information out. 

This type of scam must be stopped.  It is bad for the aviation business and it is bad for the students.  Not one company (Pinnacle included) supports what Jet University has done here.  You will not hurt your chances of getting hired by Pinnacle or any other airline by doing the right thing.

Where we are and how we got here.

The majority of students at Jet University, Inc came to the flight school to learn to fly jets.  We were promised that we would be able to fly as a first officer, for an airline in as little as nine months.  To date, no student of Jet University, Inc has ever gone from zero hours to an airline first officer in nine months.  It just has never happened. 

Only two (2) Jet University flight school students that begun training at Jet University with zero hours and finished the program were actually hired by Pinnacle airlines as first officers.  From what we can determine, most students that started with zero hours (Over 100 students) were not hired Pinnacle or any other airline.  These students paid around $70,000 each and have not received the guaranteed first officer program as provided for in their contract.

The March 2008 graduating class is the first class that we saw zero hour students hired by Pinnacle.  March 2008 is the month that all of the  zero time students were hired.  Only two (2) flight school students were hired.  Just 2.  Those are the only two Jet University Flight School students that were ever hired by Pinnacle.  Their names are John B. and Adrien F.

In April 2008, 4 students graduated the program. None of those 4 students were flight school students.  They were all from the 3 month CRJ program.  Only one of those April 2008 graduates was hired. 

We also know that the single Jet University graduate from the April 2008 graduating class was the last Jet University ever student hired by Pinnacle.

As we start to put the pieces together and map out exactly what happened, we can now see that we were grossly mislead by Jet University. 

When Jet University, Inc management realized that the zero time students were not going to get hired by Pinnacle and were not going to become first officers, they started a campaign to slow students down, add extra trumped up charges, and just make life uncomfortable for those students in the hopes that they would just run out of money, or give up and quit. 

There are some that came to Jet University and already had their commerical instrument multi-engine rating.  They already had several hundred hours of flight time prior to entering Jet University.  Those students were sold a fast track CRJ training program for around $30,000.  It is a 3 month program.  Those were the students that were hired by Pinnacle.  The reason for this is that the three month program at Jet University is the same training program that Pinnacle uses to train their pilots.  When the Jet U students arrived at Pinnacle for training, they did quite well because they had already been through an identical training program and they already had all of their required hours. 

Jet University did not comply with Florida Consumer Protection Law.

Jet University did not comply with Section 1005.03 and Section 1005.04 of the Florida Statutes.

How does Section 1005.04 impact Jet University?

You will need to ask your attorney to explain all of this to you, but here is how it looks to us:


1.  Under section 1, it clearly states that this institution (Jet University) must abide by and follow section 1005.04 even if they are exempt from regulation of the education commission. 


2.  1 (a) Jet University should have furnished you the following at least one week prior to your enrollment:


a.  A written statement of the purpose of Jet University

b.  A  written statement of Jet University's educational programs and curricula.

c.  A  written descrption of the physical facilities at Jet University.  This would include the buildings as well as a list of the aircraft used in training.

d.  A written statement of the status of any licensure which would include FAA licenses, business licenses, State education licenses.  If they are not required to be licensed, then they should state that fact.

e.  A written Jet University fee schedule. 

f.  A written statement stating Jet University's policy regarding retaining student fees if a student withdraws.

g.  A  written statement regarding the transferability of credits, flight time and simulator time. Can this time be logged? 


3.  Jet University should have used a reliable method to access you before you were accepted into the Jet U program to determine your ability to successfully complete the program.

4.  Jet University should have informed you about financial assistance and your obligation for the repayment of loans.  They should have described the employee services provided and the limitations of such program.  Jet U should NOT have guaranteed you a job or implied that there is a shortage of pilots. 1005.04 (c)

5.  Jet U should have ensured that ALL advertisements are accurate and not misleading. 

 They are going to have a major problem here in that they advertise a JET even though they have no jet. 

 They advertise you can complete the program in 9 months even though no one has ever completed the program in 9 months and actually gotten hired by an airline.

They advertise part 141 training even though they are not a licensed part 141 flight school.

They advertise guaranteed job placement even though that is against this statue and there are over 100 of you right now that can not find jobs. 

And then you have the "extra costs" issue.

6.  Jet University must PUBLISH and FOLLOW an equitable prorated refund policy for ALL students and follow both the federal refund guidelines for students receiving federal financial assistance and the minimum refund guidelines set by the Florida Secondary Education rules.

7.  Jet University much compile an annual report with respect to crime statistics and physical plant safety and make those reports available to the public.

8.  Jet University must PUBLISH and FOLLOW procedures for handling student  complaints, disciplinary actions and appeals.

The reason the state of Florida has these rules and laws in place to to prevent the type of problems that we are having at Jet University from happening.  Jet University, Inc. has totally disregarded the written laws of the State of Florida.