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JUNE 7, 2010.  Sacramento, California. Students from Jet University testified before the California Bureau of Post Secondary School Commission today.

The Jet University Student Alumni Association was the only organization present at the hearing that exclusively represents flight school students.

We were able to place in the record that THIRTY SIX MILLION DOLLARS has been lost by California flight school students over the last four (4) years to  California flight schools that took the money and did not provide the flight training.

The association has taken the position that flight school tuition paid in advance must be protected so that a flight school student will not pay for services and training that he does not receive.

California has established a tuition recovery fund, going forward, to protect advance paid tuition for most trade and vocational schools including flight schools.

Flight schools in California have until August 5, 2010 to get their applications and registration fees into the bureau. 


A Jet University Student Testifying Before the Bureau of Post Secondary School Commission in Sacramento, California on June 07, 2010.

 Photo of the Bureau of Post Secondary Education in Sacramento on June 07, 2010.






12/28/2009 Wachovia Bank has filed a two count civil fraud suit against Heath Cohen and Henry George. The suit was filed in Palm Beach County, Florida.






11/06/09.  Sporting a shiny new set of wheels, with a full tank of VALERO High Octane Gas, Heath Cohen returned to the former Jet University Campus a little after 4:30 PM today.  He parked in the space just one space away from his former beloved parking spot. 

Here is a picture of the new Acura:



According to sources, Mr. Cohen met with Mr. Luis Martinez for several hours while they discussed the ups and downs of the flight school business.  Mr. Cohen departed the school around 8 PM sporting Florida license tag number 012 WMF.  There is something about that building that draws them back! 

Here's a big welcome back to you Heath Cohen from all of us here at!


Updates 10/25/09

We have updated the "Where Are They Now" page regarding Mr. Heath Cohen.

We have updated the private discussion area for Jet University students.  All Jet University students should have access to the private area.  Please let us know if you do not have access at:

We have added a page on Captain Sullenberger's Book.

Earlier in the week we updated the "House Bill 3371" page. 



There are some flight schools that will do everything possible to "reel you in" and get you to sign an expensive flight school contract.  These types of schools have sales departments that will stay in constant contact with you until you sign the contract and pay your money.  They will make everything sound great.  They may show you pictures of luxury apartments that you will be staying in.  They may represent a lot of things to get you to fork over your money.

Things will change once you arrive at the flight school for your training.  The flight school will now do everything possible to keep you from flying. 

The most common delay tactic is to put you in a ground school class.  Ground school classes are cheap and they don't cost the flight school much at all.  A flight school will have every excuse in the world why you need to stay in ground school before you fly.   And that is where you will stay for a while.

When you finally figure out what is going on, they will start to put you in an aircraft.  Months could have passed.  They have broken you down much like a high pressure car dealership does when you are buying a car. 

At this point you are so happy to actually be able to fly that you won't realize that you are not flying much at all.  The "fight school trick" seems to be to allow you to fly 4-5 hours during the first flying month just to keep you strung along.

The flight school will then claim you are not making progress.  They will claim you are a slow student. They will say you should study harder.  They will tell you that need to be more serious about your career. 

Of course, this is all not true.  The fact is that the flight school slowed you down.  It's all part of the process.  It's designed to break you down and finally for you to give up.  It's designed to get you to leave the flight school.  

These types of flight schools are designed to get you to quit, flunk out or just leave.  When you leave the flight school will keep your money and you will not get it back.

You must understand that once you pay the flight school a large sum of money in advance then they usually spend it very quickly.  The money is not held in a trust account.  It's simply gone.  You have now put the flight school in a position of COSTING THEM MONEY for every service you use.  It doesn't matter that you paid for all of these services in advance.  So the flight school has an incentive to get rid of you.  If they can get rid of you then you will not cost them any more money.


If everyone would follow this advice then students will not lose money.  Flight schools will have to be properly capitalized and the whole industry will benefit. 




Summer vacation is just about over!  Now it's time to get back to school.

We are pleased to announce that online interactive classes are forming now for those Jet University students that have completed their ratings (Commercial Instrument, Multi)  and need to stay commercially  proficient until they are hired.

Classes meet online  one evening per week for 2-3 hours and do require some study time when not meeting. Yes, there are tests and you will probably get yelled at if you don't pass!   More details are available in the general discussion area or from

At this time, we are restricting the classes to those students that have completed their ratings.  We do expect to have future online classes for those that have not yet completed their ratings. 

You must also have been on the Jet University student roster sometime during the last 3 years in order to sign up for the classes.   

At this time we are not accepting outside students, but we expect to be able to accept outside students in the near future. 


July, 2009 Mr. Heath Brandon Cohen has purchased THE FANTASY LOUNGE.  Information about this "All Nude--Full Friction" strip club can be found on the FANTASY LOUNGE-ALL NUDE hyperlink above.

No we aren't making this stuff up.





In the, "it can't possibly get any worse" department, Banyan Aviation filed liens on the former Jet University aircraft with the FAA.  Now the aircraft owners are having to pay thousands of dollars in fuel bills that Jet University did not pay.  Liens were filed on May 11, and again on  June 26 of 2009.  Sources inform us the amount owed is around $28,000.

What is interesting to note is that Gary Bart was the CEO of Jet University during this time and would have been responsible to authorizing payment for these fuel bills.  It appears that he did not authorize such payments.  It does make us wonder what Jet University bills he did authorize for payment while he was CEO.  




It's now time for you to file your criminal report with the Fort Lauderdale Police Department at 954-828-5700  Please press Option 1.


The officer will need to call you back to file the report.  THERE IS NO COST FOR YOU TO FILE THIS REPORT.


You will need the Jet University address:

Jet University, Inc is located at 5302 NW 21st Terrace, Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33309

Main Number 954-928-0538 (now disconnected)


You will need to tell them who was responsible for committing this FRAUD against you:

Heath Brandon Cohen, 9110 NW 53rd Street, Coral Springs, Florida 33067 


Barbara Botti (If she was involved in your issue)


You will need the date you enrolled. The amount you paid. and what you did not get (hours, job, etc)


If you came to Jet University because of the Job Guarantee, then you should mention that as well.


You should mention that the job guarantee was in your e-mail, your contract, on Jet University's website and the videos that Jet University distributed to you.

You should be familiar with the "CAPTAIN HEATH COHEN" story on this website because that story proves that Jet University was a SCAM from the very beginning.  How could Heath guarantee Jet University students that they would be hired as CRJ-200 First Officers when Heath flunked out of CRJ-200 Training at Comair and couldn't become a CRJ First Officer himself?  He obviously had "first hand" experience about how tough this business really is.


You will need to indicate that you are willing to prosecute.


It was difficult trying to track down exactly where this needed to be reported.  This is the proper number and the proper department.  Be sure to record your case number.  More information is available in the private General Discussion area.  If you are a Jet U Student then please sign up for the private discussion area.  Use your real name and/or the e-mail address you registered at Jet University so we know to let you in.





All Students are out of the dorms

The former Jet University dorm students were all moved out this past Tuesday, May 26, 2009.  The landlord, Sheltair made everyone leave and has regained possession of the building. 


Gary Bart Resigns as CEO and Registered Agent

05/18/09.  Gary Bart has officially resigned as CEO and Registered agent of Jet University, Inc. according to    Kimberly Christopher has also resigned her positions of Vice President, Treasurer and Director as of 05/22/09.  

This has to go down as one of the fastest CEO tenures in Aviation history.  Gary Bart became CEO of Jet University, Inc. on 04/01/09.  Let's hope Gary does better in his next business venture.

Heath Cohen was trying to find SOMEONE to fly N787HC to the Bahamas

05/09/09.  Heath was calling flight instructors last evening trying to talk one of them into flying N787HC to the Bahamas.  The plane had been seized by Premier on 05/07/09 for a mechanics lien.  Heath somehow found the money to pay off the bill at Premier for N787HC.  At 9:45 AM today the aircraft did take off with gentlemen with a mustache as the pilot.  The plane has not returned. 

CBS News Channel 4 interviews Jet University Students

05/09/09.  CBS Channel 4 in Miami interviewed about 25 Jet University students regarding the recent shutdown of Jet University.  The video links are posted on the home page. During the interview, the reporter called Heath and he blamed the whole Jet University disaster on Gary. 

That's our Heath, "it's never my fault," Cohen!

It's kind of strange to blame the closure of the school on Gary when he has only been at Jet University for 42 days.





05/08/09.  Jet University has shut their doors and is out of business.  Heath Cohen is nowhere to be found and he has left Gary stuck with dealing with this disaster.  

In the end there were between 20-30 students enrolled at Jet University that will not be able to finish their flight training at the school.

We are getting some information that Gary is trying to do the right thing and arrange for the students to transfer to another flight school at his expense.  Considering that Gary lost more than anyone in this enterprise, we must give kudos to Gary for making this effort.   It's obvious that if Gary had been involved with Jet U from the start that this place would still be in business.

Students with Wachovia loans need to immediately contact Wachovia and let them know that Jet University has shut down.  



Jet U Planes Grounded

05/07/09.  It appears that the Jet U Planes have been grounded.  This evening Banyan was seen towing the Jet U planes over to Premier Aviation.  Earlier in the day, Art from Premier was in Heath's office and he left with all of the aircraft keys and CANS. 

There is a mandatory meeting of all students and instructors at 10:00 AM tomorrow.

The FAA stopped by Jet University today

05/06/09. has learned that the FAA stopped by Jet University today to look over some records.  Wonder what the FAA is looking for?  This is not the first time they have stopped by.

Looks like Thomas G is out

05/04/09.  Looks like Thomas G is out as the Jet U Chief Pilot.  Word is that he is cleaning out his office today.  As you read below, on 03/03/09, Thomas G was promoted to Chief Pilot 2 months ago. 

It's almost over

05/03/09.  It's obvious to our financial consultants that Jet University is most likely close to the end of their business. 

The only thing that can save Jet University is for Gary Bart to put more $$$$ into it and we don't believe Gary is motivated enough to do that. also advises Gary not to pour any more money into this business.  Gary if you want to spend some more money, spend it on the Jet University student that is now living in his car.  It will at least do some good that way.

In the end it looks like Gary lost more than anyone else in this enterprise.  Gary lost $500,000 in under 60 days.  We tried to warn Gary before he made a final decision about investing in Jet University, but the love of aviation (the same thing that got most of us) also got Gary. 

Jet University is unable to attract new students because of the business practices they chose to use.  When prospective students speak with current and former students, they find out the real truth about Jet University and that truth is not pretty.   Without new students and new $$$$ it is impossible for Jet University to continue as a going concern. 

The aviation community is a small group and once the word got out about the way Jet University was treating their students, it was only a matter of time before new students would stop enrolling at Jet University.

For those employees that worked at Jet University, you have learned a valuable lesson that will help you in the future.  When you see a company start to screw over their customers, students or vendors;  then it only a matter of time before you are screwed over as well.  In the future, if you are working for a company and you see this same type of thing start to happen, then you will know exactly what it is and you should exit that company as quickly as possible. 

The Deception Continues

04/17/09 For those that haven't heard, Jet University is conducting an open house this weekend (4/18/09 and 04/19/09) from 10-6 Saturday and Sunday.  They are offering $39 discovery flights.  (No mention of how much the fuel surcharge is on those discovery flights)  If you do take the discovery flight, don't pay the $39 in advance.  Never pay these guys any money in advance. 

Talk to current and former students before you do anything with this place. Ask those students if they received what was promised from Jet University.  (Make sure you ask them when no JET U employees are around)

Since no Jet University student has been hired by an airline since April 2008, you might have trouble finding someone that actually has received what they were promised. 

We have heard that the flight instructors are being told that they will not be paid for working at Jet University this weekend.  They have been asked to "volunteer" their time.  That happens to be illegal and those employees can call the labor board (SEE INSTRUCTORS NOT PAID PAGE) on Monday and file a complaint if Jet University doesn't agree to pay them.  Do your really want to attend a flight school that does not have the money to pay their instructors?  Hopefully Gary and Heath will read this and decide to pay those instructors so the calls to the labor board will not be necessary.  (DECEPTION NUMBER 1)

We have put up a TUITION TRUST SCAM PAGE that will explain what Jet U is doing to try to appear trustworthy with their TUITION TRUST advertising gimmick.  Don't fall for it! Don't pay these guys anything in advance. No matter how good they make it sound.  No matter what kind of discount they offer you.  Don't do it! (DECEPTION NUMBER 2)

We have heard that they are going to set up a Jet University flight club (Gold, Silver, Platinum levels) with initiation fees, monthly fees and discounted rental fees for aircraft. (DECEPTION NUMBER 3)

There are several other places to rent aircraft at KFXE that are less expensive and do not require you to join a "club" that may not be in business in the future.  Don't join this club no matter how great they make it sound and no matter what discount they appear to be offering.  If you pay them money and they can't deliver (which they have a history of--SEE WEASEL CLAUSE NO MATTER WHAT PAGE) then you will not have any recourse. 

Jet University has shined up and moved the DIAMOND DA-42's (which almost never fly because of the gear box issues) to a PRIME POSITION just past the TSA Security gate behind Jet U.  They have put Jet University stickers on the planes.  The planes really look good.  Of course the students can not fly those shiny DA-42's much because of the gearbox issue.  Instead anyone that happens to sign up for muli engine training will fly one of the plain old Pipers just like they have at many other flight schools.  Jet U has "hidden" the real twin engine planes that students would fly if they signed up for this program. (DECEPTION NUMBER 4)

The bottom line is not to trust anything these guys tell you or guarantee you.  See our WEASEL CLAUSE--NO MATTER WHAT PAGE.  They have a history of weasling out of what they guarantee students.

Jet U Students, please tell friends and relatives that If they are interested in flight training that any local airport usually has an FBO that will usually offer flying lessons.  Just have them call the local airport and find out who offers flight training in the area.  Then go and take a real discovery flight.  If they like it as much as we do then they can schedule some flying lessons.  They will pay as they go and never have to pay any money in advance.  Almost all airline pilots without military experience started at their local FBO.  It is the cheapest and best way to learn to fly.

Documents and Sales Materials Getting Uploaded

04/09/09 We have started a document page that will show the sales materials that we received along with the contracts, e-mails  and other materials.  Please contribute your materials if you can.  email to:

Jet University Gear Up Landing at KFXE

04/06/09.  The Jet University twin engine Piper Seneca (N888CS) suffered a gear up landing this evening while on a training flight with an International student and his instructor.  Fortunately, no one was hurt in the mishap that occurred around 10:30 PM local time on runway 8 at KFXE.  At 1:00 AM, the runway was still closed and emergency vehicles were surrounding the downed aircraft on the runway near the intersection of runway 13.

The aircraft had been reported to have been sold and the closing and pickup was scheduled for 04/07/09.  The aircraft has been advertised for sale for $105,000.00 in recent months.

The student was scheduled for a check ride in the aircraft on 04/07/09. 

Here is what the aircraft looked like prior to the gear up landing:

Here is a picture of the plane parked next to the hanger after the gear up landing.  You can see that the hubs are missing off of the propellers and the props are bent the wrong way from hitting the runway.

Jet University Student starts his own flight school

04/04/09  In the  what will they think of next department, we can report that a current Jet University student (Jessiah) has started his own flight school with some partners and investors. The new school is named, Fort Lauderdale Fight Training, Inc. and is located 2 doors down from Jet University at KFXE. Two CFI's have been hired.

If you have been following this story, Jessiah was the Jet University student that purchased four planes and leased them to Jet University. Heath then suddenly canceled the leaseback deal (See 3/18/09 update below)

Jessiah has also purchased two more twin engine Beach Dutchess aircraft to be used for multi engine training.  Fort Lauderdale Fight Training, Inc. has a total of six aircraft and is currently accepting students.  They do not require large pre-payments.

In an exclusive interview with, Jessiah indicated that the introductory prices at his newly formed Fort Lauderdale Flight Service, for flight training, are the best around.  He attributes this to the fact that all of his aircraft are paid for and he is not under pressure to make monthly aircraft payments.  This allows him to offer the best prices for flight training. 

Currently the new school has two flight school students who were referred, to the new school, by Jet University flight school students who do not want to subject any more students to what they themselves have endured at Jet University.

He is not clear if Jessiah will be allowed to finish his own flight training at Jet University.

Memo to Heath:  Be very careful when you suddenly cancel a leaseback deal.  Those planes need to go somewhere. Someone could use those former Jet University planes to open their own flight school, charge much lower fees and not require large pre-payments.  Also be careful who you fire, those folks could end up as employees of another flight school.

Looks like Trevor Fried is out

04/03/09  As mentioned last week Gary has taken over Trevor Fried's office.  We now can confirm that the COO of Jet University has been fired. is now showing that Gary Bart is the Jet University COO and Registered Agent.

We have been hearing some things over the past few months, about Trevor, here at that had been encouraging, regarding Trevor that we had not been able to publish.  We now can give you the rest of the story.

There had been a limited number of students that had been getting partial Jet University refunds over the past few months.  All of those refunds had been through Trevor.  Trevor had told the students, getting the refunds, not to tell Heath.  Heath didn't know about the refunds and would have have allowed the refunds if he had known. 

So now that Trevor is fired, we can take the embargo off of the refund story.

We also believe Trevor Fried will make a great government witness.

Trevor joins a long list of FBH (fooled by Heath) executive and marketing employees that are no longer at Jet University. 


03/ 31/ 09.  As we mentioned on March 5, 2009, Jet University was talking with an investor about buying into Jet University.  We can confirm that this deal did close in the last few days. 

The investors name is Gary Bart.  It is reported that he put in $500,000 for 50% interest in Jet University, but Gary would not confirm this.   Gary was well aware of the website before he closed the deal and decided to get involved with Jet University and Heath Cohen anyway.  This is one brave investor. 

Gary Bart, we are officially giving you the "Big Brass Balls" award. Congratulations.

Gary has taken over Trevor Fried's office. (Ot oh--not a good sign for Trevor)   Gary believes he can clean up the mess at Jet University. 

So with that goal in mind, let's help Gary know what he needs to do to make things right for the Jet University Students.

1.  There are 126 students that signed up for Jet University and were guaranteed jobs as first officers flying CRJ-200 jet airplanes that aren't flying jet airplanes right now. Gary, the Jet University contract provided that Jet University would pay for 250 hours of multi engine time, for each student, if these students were not hired.  Thus far, no student has received the 250 hours and there are no prospects for getting hired in 2009.  The lowest cost we can find for 250 hours of multi engine time is about $28,000 per student.  Gary, your total cost to make this right and provide the time (or the CRJ Job) guaranteed in the contract could be as high as $3,528,000.  If you want to cut the students that have completed the program a check for $28,000 each, we're sure they would appreciate it.

2.  By our best estimates, there are a total of 180 students that signed up for Jet University.  Prior to the enrollment of each and every student, Florida Consumer Protection Law REQUIRES that Jet University use a reliable method to access a student to determine their ability to successfully complete the program.  This is considered an entrance test.  Since Jet U did not conduct an entrance test to determine if a student could complete the program, then Jet University could owe a student, that does not successfully complete the program, a full refund since they have been defrauded and should never have been accepted into Jet University in the first place.  We don't know how many students will fall into this category, but we have heard from some of them.  We do not know of any Jet University student that was given an entrance test. (Having the money or a co-signer doesn't count!)   We know of two Canadian students that didn't have the proper documentation and could not complete the course.  We know of three students with prior DUI's that were told would have no problem completing the program and being hired.  We know of some students that paid their money and never started the program.  We know of some students that couldn't pass checkrides or written tests.  We know of some students that were belittled, abused and just made to quit so that Jet University would get to keep the money and not provide the training.  We know of some students that were put on the no fly list for no valid reason.  All of those students could be due a full refund. 

 3.  At least one week prior to the enrollment of a student there are some other requirements under section 1005.04 of the Florida consumer protection law that are REQUIRED to have been furnished. One requirement was a written Jet University Fee Schedule.  Since no student was furnished a Jet University Fee Schedule (because the fees changed from one student to another) then all 180 students have been defrauded under section 1005.04 and may be due a refund. 

4.Gary, we're sure that with your business experience, you have gone through the records and know how many dollars in unearned student fees have been retained.  That money needs to be refunded to the students.  Prior to enrollment of any student, Jet University was required to furnish (UNDER 1005.04) a written statement, to that student, stating Jet University's policy regarding retaining student fees if a student withdraws.  If this statement was not furnished then Jet University CAN NOT RETAIN ANY STUDENT FEES.  None of the students we have met were provided such a statement nor were they given any sort of entrance test.

5.  Gary, we would suggest that you get real familiar with Florida law sections 1005.03 and 1005.04.  They are posted on our website for easy reference:


Well Gary, you have a big and expensive job ahead of you.  Until the past and present students have been taken care of, how could you possibly try to recruit more students?  It just would't be right now, would it?

If you are a student:  DO NOT KNOCK  DO NOT ENTER

March 25, 2009.  That's what the sign says on the door of Heath Cohen's office these days.  That's advice we all should have all taken and never set foot in that office in the first place.  Our advice to anyone reading this:  DO NOT ENTER that office.  If you do, you will lose.  Really nice way to treat your customers, Heath.  Way to go!

JET SIDE STUDENTS--Are you on our list?

Students and Former Students, there are about 180 Jet University students that went through Jet University.  We have about 135 of you on our mailing list.  We are missing 45 of you!  Most of the missing students are JET SIDE students.  If you haven't checked in with us, please drop us a note at :

Everyone is important and we don't want to miss anyone!

Jet University simulator instructors take it in the shorts

03/20/09  It appears that most of the Jet Simulator instructors have left the building.  Jet University is down to two jet simulator instructors. (Erwin and Gus).  We are told that Gus has given notice.  There are several reasons for these departures.  But the main reason seems to be the cut in pay from $45 an hour to $25 an hour.   


Please take a look at the Captain Heath Cohen page.  It is another part of the puzzle that helps us figure out how all of this happened.

Jet U Fleet Size shrinks this week.

03/18/09 There is a student at Jet University  that purchased four aircraft and has had them in leaseback to Jet University. 

Jet University suddenly cancelled those leases this week without notice.  The planes now missing from the fleet are the Cessna 152 (N48757), The Cessna 150 (N704NB), The Cessna 172 (N423FT), The Piper Archer II (N3524Q). examined the agreements and leaseback arrangements between Jet University and the student.  As would be expected, things were tilted heavily in favor of Jet University.  The student is better off not leasing these back to Jet University.

Jet U was charging these students an 18% "management fee" off of the top on these rentals. 

This management fee ended up costing between $1000-$1500 per plane.  So the student leaseback holder was screwed out of between $4000-$6000 a month in "management fees". 

in addition, Jet University charged a $150 per month "tie down fee" for each plane that they leased!  Can you imagine leasing a car and then charging the leasing company $150 a month to park it in your garage?   That's another $600 a month taken from this student.

Since the planes were under a "wet lease", Jet U also added a $1.00 per gallon charge over the real cost of the fuel for each gallon of fuel burned in these planes.   This extra fuel charge resulted in the student lease back holder not getting paid almost $2000 a month that he was entitled to.

So the total amount that was taken from the student, in this left handed leaseback deal was between $6000-$8000 per month. 

We understand that this student was able to immediately place these airplanes with another flight school at KFXE under much more favorable terms and conditions.  So in the end, Jet University lost some far below market price leases and the student will have a better return on his investment.

Update 04/03/09.  We can confirm that the student mentioned in this section now has six aircraft and has started his own flight school (with a number of CFI's) at KFXE just 2 doors down from Jet University. 

We hereby congratulate HEATH COHEN for providing the idea, means and incentive to create this competing flight school.  Slick move Heath.  Got any other great moves?



CALL TO ACTION e-mail went out today

March 17, 2009 Today, A very important e-mail was sent to all Jet University students that are on our mailing list.  Please read the e-mail and act upon it.  It is very important!

It gets really deep now.

March 5, 2009. There was a meeting of all students at Jet University today.  Here is what Heath covered:

1.  Jet University has a investor ready to close within the next 10 days. (Believe it or not, this could actually happen.)

2.  Heath reports this new investor is bringing in a Las Vegas campus and Jet University students can train at either campus.  (Wonder if we can all get the 250 hours of multi engine time we were promised in Florida (in writing) at the NEW campus in Las Vegas.

3.  Heath reports Jet University is adding helicopter training .  (Wonder if they will get a real helicopter or just have a photoshop picture of one)

4.  Heath reports Jet University can now get jobs for international students with US Airlines. (Jet University can't get jobs for American students, so how in the world will they get jobs for international students?)

5.  Heath is only doing sales now and is the one that will be working the "pilot recruiting hotline!" (No one would disagree that this guy is one incredible salesman)

6.  Barbara Botti is now in charge of all student issues.

That lead us to think of how Las Vegas might react to Jet University showing up in Nevada:


Seems like a great time to take a gamble and open a new Las Vegas flight school since one big super deluxe Las Vegas greatest air group just filed Bankruptcy last week.  Here is that link:



Looks Like Thomas G Is In

March 3, 2009.  On Monday, March 2, 2009 Thomas G was named Chief Pilot at Jet University replacing Marcos Springos who was let go the previous Friday at 4:55 PM with no notice.  Thomas doesn't have the required number of hours to be a Chief Pilot.

Technically Jet University does not need a Chief Pilot because it is not a PART 141 school even though they claim to be one in their advertising and on their website.  They even furnished Airborne Systems  PART 141 FAA number to the Better Business Bureau to "prove" that they are a PART 141 flight school. 

Since Jet University does not need a real Chief Pilot then this should work out because the FAA is not showing that Thomas G has an ATP rating which would demonstrate that Thomas G has the required hours to be a "real" chief pilot.

Of course, the FAA does take about 8 weeks to update their records when an airman gets a new rating.  Perhaps Thomas G has received his ATP rating within the past 8 weeks and this "promotion" has been planned all along. 

Anyway, high fives go out to Thomas Guyonnaud on his new promotion from all of us here at!


Looks Like Bill Radcliffe Is Out

March 2, 2009. We are hearing Bill Radcliffe was also let go from Jet University this past Friday.  Bill was the sales guy. We do wonder who will be working the "pilot recruiting hotline" this week.

ATP announces a training partnership with Gulfstream Training Academy

March 1, 2009. In one of the more unusual match ups in this economy, ATP Flight Schools has announced a partnership with Gulfstream Training Academy to provide 250 multi hours to their students after those students have received their commercial-multi ratings from ATP.

For an add on of $25,000, ATP students will receive the Gulfstream First Officer Program and the Beech 1900 SIC type rating as well a 250 hours of SIC turbine time building.

Following completion of the Gulfstream Program, ATP students return to ATP to finish up their CFI rating.


Chief Pilot Marcos Springos no longer at Jet University

Jet University Chief Pilot Marcos Springos was let go at (4:55 PM) without notice this past Friday, February 27, 2009.  The reason given was that the "new investor(s)" made this decision.  

We have heard from several sources that a potential investor has been spending some time at Jet University over the past few weeks but it seems rather unusual that any investor would decide to fire Marcos prior to actually investing.

In the meantime, Jet University does not have a qualified chief pilot overseeing the program.

Jet University has started CRJ classes again

February 25, 2009.  In a response to students that had already paid their money last year, Jet University has again started CRJ training classes again this past week. 

There doesn't appear to be any "new money" in this class.  Students seem to be made up of those that prepaid last year and those that are repeating the class. Jet University's own website says they are forming CRJ classes for this April. 

Another large Florida flight school closes

Regional Airline Academy in DeLand abruptly shut down on Friday, February 6th leaving students, that had PREPAID thousands of dollars for their flight training, without their training. 

We had been hearing rumors of the impending shutdown of Regional Airline Academy for several months.  In fact, there were rumors that the Regional Airline Academy students from India were going to come to Jet University.

Here is the link to the story of the shutdown:


You never know who might show up at Jet University business while the President is scheduled in court.

In an incredible coincidence, representatives from an unnamed government agency dropped by Jet University last Friday while Heath Cohen was scheduled in court.  They spent some time with Barbara and Lorelli. 

Heath Cohen and friends scheduled for Court today

Friday, February 20, 2009. There is a lawsuit that was filed in the Circuit Court of Broward County on 05/17/2006.  It is case number CACE06007173. 

Gulfstream Training Company, Inc vs. Heath Brandon Cohen, Mark Bradley Ottosen, Robert S Elimeleck, Jet University Inc and Jet University Training Center 1.

There is a scheduled hearing today on that case today at 10:30 AM in room 970 of the Broward County Courthouse. 

We are informed that Heath did not attend the hearing and sent his attorney to represent him.  This is often routine for procedural hearings.

CRJ Jet Classes End at Jet University

Friday, February 13th, 2009 marked the end of CRJ Jet Classes at Jet University.  The final students from the November class were given the "bums rush" (4 weeks early) out of Jet University and pushed into the "wild blue yonder" with no jobs and no prospect for jobs. 

Apparently Jet University was not able to purchase the CRJ avsoft learning software for the November class.  All prior classes were given this software as part of the program and the instructors taught from this software. 

The lack of the avsoft learning software caused the classes to run about 4 weeks shorter than normal and at least one Jet University instructor left over this lack of software. 

This marks the first time since Jet University started in May 2006 that there are not any actual Jet Students at Jet University. 

Since the Jet program is where the real money is made, if you read between the lines, you will see that  without a steady flow of incoming Jet students, the future of Jet University is not looking very bright.

Here is the scorecard as of February 13, 2009:

1.  There are not any Jet Students at Jet University.

2.  The guy that headed the Jet Program (Mark Ottosen) at Jet University is no longer at Jet University.

3.  The Jet University website says that classes are forming for an April 13th start date.

4.  Meanwhile the simulator lease payments continue.

Tailplane Icing

02/14/09. With the events of the past day, we have posted a video about Tailplane Icing that could save your life one day.  Please go to the Tailplane Icing page and take a few minutes to look at this important video.  We (regional airline pilots) are the most likely pilots to run into this condition.

Attorney e-mail went out today

02/13/09.  There was an attorney e-mail sent out today to all students on our mailing list. Please follow the instructions in that e-mail and make contact with the attorney regarding those specific issues if they apply to you.

If you did not receive that e-mail then we either don't have your correct e-mail address or you are not registered with us.  All current and former Jet University Students can register with us by sending an e-mail to:  Please include a phone number where you can be reached so that we can verify your information.


Only 2 Jet University flight school students were ever hired by Pinnacle.

01/29/09 Our investigators have discovered that only 2 Jet University (zero time) flight school students have ever been hired by Pinnacle. 

These two students were from the March 2008 class. Over 100 students signed up for the Jet University flight school. 

That is a success rate of less than 2%.  We are just as shocked as you are.  It's even worse than we ever could imagine. 

98% of Jet U flight school students have not received what Jet University promised.  If you knew the success rate was less than 2%, would you have spent $70,000 on tuition (plus living expenses) at Jet University?

By the way congratulations to John B and Adrian F who are the 2 lucky Jet U flight zero time school students that were hired by Pinnacle.

Another Florida Flight School shuts down.

1/29/09  Another Florida School shuts their doors leaving 140 students without their flight training.  They had paid over $70,000 each.  When are the Florida regulators going to wake up?  That is another $10,000,000 down the drain.


New Game added to bottom of Fun Facts Page

While your waiting for your guaranteed first officer job, try the video game at the bottom of the fun facts page!  You can be a hero!

Attorneys meeting this week.

If you are a student or former student of Jet University and you are owed money, flight time, refunds or multi engine time then we would like to hear from you at:

Please let us know the amount and details of anything that Jet University, Inc owes to you. 

Our attorneys would like to know this information so that we can see how many students are owed either dollars or something else from Jet University, Inc.

Please let us know as soon a possible so that we may be able to include you in any legal action that the attorneys recommend against Jet University, Inc.

Keep in mind, that you are under no obligation to join in this legal action.  However we would sincerely appreciate if you would share this information with us so that we can get an accurate idea of exactly what is owed to the students. 


Do you remember a game called, "Where In The World is Carmen San Diego?"  This was a popular game a few years back.  Over the past month or so Mark Ottosen has been gone for days at a time.  At one time Heath claimed Mark was busy working with the attorneys to get this website taken down.  So far we haven't heard from Mark or his attorneys.  So that can't be it.

So where in the world is Mark Ottosen?


JETUNIVERSITYSUCKS.COM continues to embed deep into the internet search engines

01/05/2009 Our SEO efforts have been really paying off. is now showing up in all of the major internet search engines.  This means that more people will be able to find out about Jet University and how it operates.  Thanks to everyone for all of their help on getting the word out. Your efforts do make a difference.


12/30/2008 While Jet University continues to add fuel surcharges to the students bills, their biggest competitor, ATP Flight Training, is now giving their students up to $2500 rebates because the cost of fuel has now dropped to the $4.00-$4.50 range from the $6 plus range last summer. 


On December 29, 2008, the BBB raised Jet University's BBB rating to a new rating of C- after Jet U contacted the bureau.


(Week of 12/22/2008. The Better Business Bureau has now rated Jet University as an "F".    The BBB says, "We strongly question the company's reliability for reasons such as that they have failed to respond to complaints, their advertising is grossly misleading, they are not in compliance with the law's licensing or registration requirements, their complaints contain especially serious allegations, or the company's industry is known for its fraudulent business practices.

Even though Jet University had promised the BBB that they would honor their contract, they have failed to do so.  Jet University now has the worse possible rating from the BBB and that is an F.

More Flight Schools shut down on the Regulation page

We have updated the regulation page to show some other Florida flight schools that collected millions of dollars in advance payments from flight school students, then shut down,  and did not deliver.  There's now close to 100 MILLION DOLLARS that has been collected by Florida flight schools that did not deliver what was in the contract.  It's one of the biggest rip offs in the State of Florida and the regulators continue to ignore it.


Just heard from another student that was scammed.

Last month, a student came into Jet University for just 3 weeks to get his commercial multi rating.  He actually got the rating and was pretty happy about it until.....

He was telling everyone good bye and then was hit with "You owe us $2100 more for fuel surcharges".  He only flew 20 hours at Jet U so that is even more than the "excessive advertised rate" for fuel surcharges.  He tells me that Heath and Barbara started yelling at him and telling him they were going to call the police.  They made him sign a paper saying he owed Jet U $2100 more for fuel surcharges. 

Moral of the story, don't sign anything these guys put in front of you unless your attorney has read it over!

Where to get a job when you can't get a pilot job

Pizza delivery is a great job if you are looking for some quick cash.  Just make sure you are working in a safe area.  These jobs are pretty easy to pick up and pay cash nightly.  You usually go no more than 3 miles from the store and you look at the route prior to leaving the store.  (Sort of like planning a flight route!) 


Just when you think it just can't get any worse.  It's not Multi Engine--It's Multi Level Marketing!

On December 10, 2008 a number of students were called into the conference room at Jet U and "pitched" on signing up for some sort of internet MLM scheme for $400 each.  Since JetU can't get actual pilot jobs for the pilots then maybe this is their new solution.  

Heath, Lisa and Marcos were in the rah rah meeting.  The guy making the presentation even said you can collect commissions while sitting in jail. 

By the way if you want to really be involved in making commissions (aka:  affiliate marketing) off of your friends that shop on the internet you can sign up for for free and accomplish just that.

Should we file a lawsuit against Jet U?

I have had two students actually bring attorneys that want to represent JetU students  in these matters.

I have tried to work with Jet U management since July 2008 in trying to avoid a lawsuit.  I had hoped that they would do the right thing.  It's been almost 5 months.  I have had no results from Heath, Mark or Trevor.  Now this website is up and everyone knows what is going on at Jet U.  There are still no results from Jet U management.  The fuel surcharges continue.  Pinnacle has not hired a Jet U class since April 2008.  Students are still on the no fly list.

I prefer to work with Law Enforcement and the government regulators on this matter rather than have to file a lawsuit.  That's a personal opinion.  So I will not be pushing a lawsuit at this time.  However, if in the future,  a number of students do decide to pursue a lawsuit against Jet University, Inc, I would be willing to join with you. You are probably looking at $500-$1000 each to pursue a lawsuit. 


The most common question from students is what should I do now?

I have given the same answer to every student that has asked me this question.

Get out there and fly as much as you can right now.  Pay the fuel surcharges even though we all know this is nothing more that a pure rip.

Keep your receipts for the fuel surcharges and consider filing a small claims court action to recover the fuel surcharges. You can take the Banyan fuel prices to court with you along with your Jet U contract. Let the court decide if these fuel surcharges are valid.  You just worry about flying! 

You are not doing yourself any good by not flying.  Again get out there and fly!

If you are no longer at JetU then you should still continue to fly and stay current.  Just do it at your local FBO or at a reliable "finish up" flight school.


We were off the air for several hours Friday evening, December 5th, 2008 because the number of vistors exceeded our allocated bandwidth for  You guys and gals are doing a great job getting the word out! We are seeing a lot of hits from the United States, Canada and India. 

We had to upgrade the bandwidth so that all of you can continue to visit our site.

I'm happy to report that if you see this, we have completed the upgrade.  This upgrade also eliminates those pesky ads that were on the site.   

In the meantime, please continue to notify us of any news, corrections, errors or omissions at the following e-mail address: 

Keep the faith!