Jet University Flight School Information

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What is Jet University?

Jet University is not a University.  Jet University is not even licensed by the FAA.  Surprised?  There is a loophole in the FAA regulations that allows this. 

Jet University is operating under part 61 training.  What does that mean?  It means that your FLIGHT INSTRUCTOR is in charge of your training and responsible for everything that you do. 

If you screw up, the FAA comes down on your flight instructor and not on Jet University.  Jet University is not licensed by the FAA.  Only your flight instructor is licensed by the FAA. 

What does this mean to you?  If means that you are not protected by the FAA for anything that Jet University does.  The reason for this is that the FAA has no legal authority over Jet U.  There is nothing that the FAA can do to Jet U.  The FAA can not revoke Jet University's license because they don't have a license.  If Jet University takes your tuition money and does not provide the flight training to you--there is nothing that the FAA can do for you because the FAA does not protect tuition money or get involved in flight school financial affairs.

So if you want to start a flight school in the future, you only need to make sure you have at least one FAA licensed flight instructor and a plane with an airworthiness certificate that is up to date on the required inspections.  You don't have to be a pilot or even know how to fly a plane if you want to start your own Jet University someday.  Anyone can do it.

The FAA licenses part 141 flight schools.  Jet University is not licensed under part 141.

Jet University is not a part 141 school

Jet University does create their advertising to make it look like they are a more substantial part 141 school.  This actually would be against FAA regulations if they were a real part 141 flight school.  They also talk about part 141 in their contract.  They talk about part 141 in their ads.   However Jet University is not a part 141 school.  The FAA regulates part 141 schools and Jet U can not qualify for 141 status.

Since Jet U is not a Part 141 school and can not qualify as a part 141 school, they "make a deal" with a legitimate part 141 school to be the school of record.  Such schools as The Sim Center or Airborne Systems have been "front schools" for Jet University's 141 plan. 

The bottom line is that a student should go directly to the 141 school for training and not have JetU involved in any way.  Currently the front 141 school for the Indian Students is Airborne Systems. 

One of the planes in Jet U's fleet is actually Airborne's plane.  The Cessna 172RG tail number N6495V which is a 1980 Cessna actually belongs to Airborne.  See the JetU Fleet section.


Jet U does not provide Part 142 training

You will also see Jet U represent that they provide part 142 training.  Jet U does not provide part 142 training.  What Jet U does is use the SIM CENTER as the front school for part 142 training.  If you need this type of training, you should go directly to a 142 training provider and not go through JetU. 

Keep in mind that The Sim Center was also the front man for the student loans.  See the bank fraud section.