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Pilot Fatigue

Pilot Fatigue has been a major problem in the aviation industry for decades.  Right now, some claim it is the number one reason that contributes to aviation deaths. 

Pilot Fatigue can be prevented.  Congress has indicated they will no longer allow the FAA to sweep this problem under the rug.  

In 2010 there you will hear a lot about pilot fatigue.  


Pilot Fatigue Hearings

Here is an archive of the December 10, 2009 Senate Pilot Fatigue Hearing with the FAA administrator:

 December 10, 2009 Hearing Streaming Video




Here is an archive of the December 1, 2009 Senate Pilot Fatigue Hearings:




In typical government fashion, the first 15 minutes of this archive are blank!  You will need to skip to the 15 minute point on the archive to see the beginning of the hearings.