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SIMCENTER INC named in Fraud Suit

12/28/09.  Simcenter Inc, Jet University, Heath Cohen and Henry George were named as defendants in a civil Fraud suit filed by Wachovia Bank. The suit was filed in Palm Beach County Florida.  Here is a link to the suit:





Go back to early 2006 in South Florida.  Sim Center was recruiting students from across the world to sign up for their flight training. 

In early 2006, the salesman at Sim Center was Bill Radcliff, who would later become a salesman at the yet to be established Jet University, Inc.  Bill Radcliff would be the one credited with introducing Henry George to Heath Cohen.  Bill Radcliff would come to work for Jet University in August 2007.

Some Sim Center dorm accomodiations were rented by Heath Cohen who had a townhouse condo type arrangement in the Doral/Miami area where Sim Center students would rent by the month.  The townhouse is located at 11483 NW 79th Lane, Doral Florida, 33178. 


Street view of Heath Cohens rental "dorms" in Doral, Florida. 


Here is the zillow listing of this unit:


At that time, Sim Center HAD MASSIVE PENALTIES IN THEIR CONTRACTS that kept 25% of the student's tuition money if they were unable to complete the program.  If students simply flunked out, there were no retakes and they lost 25%.  This is probably where Mr. Cohen learned the 25% rule and also got the idea to flunk students out and keep their money.

What is also strange is that early Jet University contracts had an addendum that would not charge the 25% penalty if a student flunked out or was asked to leave by the school.  They actually promoted this in their e-mails to the orginal Jet University students.

A ready source of students for Jet University were those students that were being kicked out of the Sim Center.  Since Mr. Cohen rented the dorms he knew who was kicked out and who was staying.  These students were offered a "special deal" at Jet University.  And of course, most of those same students lost their money a second time with Jet University.


Most of the Jet University student loans were put through THE SIM CENTER as the front man.  The bank would then cut a check to THE SIM CENTER for the loan amount because the bank believed the Jet University students were actually students at THE SIM CENTER.

The reason the loans were put through THE SIM CENTER was because Jet University could not qualify to receive student loans because they were not able to demonstrate the financial stability and longevity to the banks.

The way it worked was that the Jet U sales reps would instruct the students applying for loans to put The Sim Center education number on the loan applications.  Sim Center would then receive the check, take a commission, and then turn the funds over to Jet University. 

In reality, most Jet University students never set foot in the Sim Center.


The Sim Center is located at the following address:

6601 NW 36th Street

2nd Floor

Miami, FL  33166

Phone: 305-871-5270

Fax:  305-871-5272

Here is their website:





"Captain" Henry R. George is the owner and principal of Sim Center. 

Captain Henry R. George resides at 13121 SW 70th Ave, in Pinecrest, FL  33156.  Here is the Google Street View of that address:

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 Captain Henry R. George posing at Star Aviation