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We thought it might be time to put the Jet University videos up that talk about the guaranteed jobs before they get "lost" or erased by Jet University management.

The Jet University site has taken them down and they hope they will be forgotten.

It is so important when producing videos to make sure that they are accurate at not misleading because they can come back later and bite you in the rear end.

There are many people that have gone to jail based upon "video evidence".  It's just about impossible to "take back" a video when it is sitting on a television monitor in front of a jury in a courtroom.

The videos are going to be the major problem that the management of Jet University will have to overcome because the "guaranteed jobs" theme is so strong.  Notice how there is no "weasel clause" in the videos.  (Real bad move Heath.  It could now be fraud)

SEE WEASEL CLAUSE-NO MATTER WHAT PAGE to see Jet University's response to the Better Business Bureau about the guaranteed jobs that the students did not get)

Can you count how many times they guaranteed you a job in the following Jet University produced videos? 

Can you count how many times they said you could be an airline pilot in as little as 9 months? 

By the way, no one ever became an airline pilot at Jet University in as little as 9 months.