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Here is how Jet University is answering the BBB complaints


Completely disregarding all of the JOB GUARANTEES in videos that Jet University has produced...

Completely disregarding all of the JOB GUARANTEES in the e-mails and sales materials that Jet University sent to their students...

Completely disregarding all of the JOB GUARANTEES posted on Jet University's own website... 

Completely disregarding all of the JOB GUARANTEES in other Jet University external advertising....

Completely disregarding the JOB GUARANTEE written into the Jet University contract..

Heath Cohen and Gary Bart and Jet University are relying on some obscure language from the eight (8) page Jet University Contract in an attempt to WEASEL OUT of their heavily promoted JOB GUARANTEE with a small paragraph (Section 15). 


The following is exactly how Jet University has filed (date masked to protect student) the following response with the BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU to defend the JOB GUARANTEE complaints from the Jet University students:


"." In reference to the complaint about the job guarantee; the JU contract states in Section 15, FORCE MAJEURE: "JU shall not be responsible to the Candidate or other party(s) of this Agreement for damages or losses, on account of failure or delay of performance for any of its obligations under this Agreement if the failure is the result of or caused by ...economic declines; strikes, slowdown or cessation of hiring by partner, affiliated, or associated airlines..." The student signed the contract on **/**/**. It allows for both fuel surcharges, as well as releases JU from the job guarantee obligations in the case of the airlines not hiring. The guarantee is contingent upon job availability. At the time the student completed the program there were no jobs available due to slow downs and decreases in the economy." 


NOTE:  This student signed his contract with Jet University AFTER Pinnacle had already STOPPED HIRING. 

The slowdown had already taken place, but Jet University kept up the same false advertising  and JOB GUARANTEE even after the slowdown.  It didn't stop Jet University from taking this students money and having him sign the contract.


So Heath Cohen and Gary Bart are under the assumption that Jet University can attract students by offering a job guarantee (which is against Florida law--see regulation section) and not offered by any other flight school (probably because it is against the law) and they magically can walk away from their unlawful activities and obligations by attempting to invoke section 15.

Heath and Gary you probably should check with your attorney on this because you didn't offer a disclaimer in any of that advertising that you promoted the illegal (see regulation page) JOB GUARANTEE in.  Without that disclaimer (that would have cost sales because students would not have signed up without the JOB GUARANTEE) you are not going to be able to walk away from this one.   Nice weasel try.

You gave us the JOB GUARANTEE- NO MATTER WHAT.  (Your words)

Well guess what?  It's now "no matter what".

This is like giving someone a bumper to bumper guarantee on an automobile and then trying to invoke an obscure section of a buried paragraph that says you really don't have to honor the guarantee after all.  It won't work and it is looks like nothing more than plain old fraud.

We have detailed the fuel surcharge issue on the fuel surcharge page and it does not need to be repeated here other that to say that no student should be paying more than $1 per gallon as a fuel surcharge.


Meanwhile back at Jet University.....

Meanwhile Jet University continues to advertise, "become an airline pilot right away" on their website even though no Jet University student has been hired as an airline pilot since April 2008.  It has now been 1 year since anyone has been hired from Jet University as an airline pilot. How soon is "right away"?  Is there a "weasel clause" for "right away'"?

Do you really want to recommend Jet University to your friends when they continue their false advertising?

Do you really want to recommend Jet University to your friends when Jet University tries to invoke the "weasel clause" as listed above?

Would you have gone to Jet University if you had known all this was going to happen this way?

Should Jet University even remain in business?  What do these guys really accomplish?