Jet University Flight School Information

The Official Publication of the Jet University Student Alumni Association

Please help us identify your status

We have divided the Jet University students into several groups.  Would you please e-mail us at: and let us know the following:


1.  What group are you in? (From the groups listed below)

2.  What was your class start date at Jet University?

3.  What date did you leave Jet University?

4.  Did you finish your Jet University program? 

5.  Did you interview with Pinnacle? 

6.  Were you hired by Pinnacle?

7.  What was your start date at Pinnacle?

8.  How many hours did you have when you started at Pinnacle?

Please include your name and contact information if you would be so kind.


Group A


You came to Jet U with no time (under 12 hours) and no FAA ratings. 

Group B

You had some time, but no ratings

Group C

FAA Licensed Pilot 

You had a Private rating

Group D

FAA Licensed Instrument Pilot 

You had a Private and Instrument Rating

Group E

FAA Licensed Commerical Pilot 

You had a Private, Instrument, Multi Engine and Commecial rating.

Group F

FAA Licensed Single Engine Commercial Pilot

Private, Instrument, Single Engine Commercial

Group G

Some other Rating.  Please explain what rating you had prior to arriving at Jet U.